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Advantages of Wooly Yarn

Wooly yarn
Advantages of woolen yarn.

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Advantages of Wooly Yarn

Wool fiber is as old as human history.  Since the stone age, people have been using wool in their clothes.  Since it is a natural and healthy fiber, it will continue to be used until the end of human life.  Thanks to its elasticity, moisture retention, excellent thermal insulation and anti-wrinkle structure, it is one of the most beautiful and natural fibers used in textile production today. 

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-woolen fabrics are very strong.  because wool is a very flexible fiber.

Wool is a bulky textile due to its crimp and holds air, which causes the fabric to retain heat. When you wear wool sweater, it is your body heat that warms the air trapped through the yarn and acts like a warm, yet light layer of warmth. And wooly fabrics has very good heat coefficient. Wool impedes heat transfer. This mean you can wear wooly fabrics at summer.

                ⁃              Did you know that wool can hold one-third of its weight in moisture. When you go running or skiing with wooly t-shirts or socks; the wool will wick moisture keep from away your body. and  wool quick to dry. this means that odor-causing moisture will be pulled away and quickly disappear.

                ⁃              Wool fiber has flame retardant properties. This fiber is self-extinguishing and will char, rather than burn when exposed to a flame.

                ⁃              Wool blended yarns would not cause statical electrification for that reason ready made garments which contain wool blended yarns would be more comfortable and more clean. Also cleaning the strains of wooly fabrics would be easier.

                ⁃              The main source of the wool fibre is sheeps. By the way wool fibre is renewable and a survivable fibre for many years. Because of the being a natural fibre, would not polute the earth like non recycleable.

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