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Turuncu nope iplik

Orange Neon

CODE: N19/659


Our fancy yarn, which is included in the neppy yarn group, is a product preferred in many fields with its high cotton content. Instead of plain melange yarn, the neon light effect given by neon colored nopes, which is the latest trend in both garment and socks sector, has been an excellent option for our customers who want to reveal their style.


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What do the TC/TCX and TP/TPX suffixes mean?

Difference between the TC/TCX and TP/TPX

Difference between the TC/TCX and TP/TPX

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True Color ⚠️

All photographs were taken under the same light in a green box. By photographing Pantone and products under the same light, you can compare the color with your own Pantone cards so that the customer can estimate the color of the product they see on the screen.


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