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Sable muline

CODE: N19/722



Polyester is a raw material with low moisture absorption and high water permeability. Polyester products have the ability to retain moisture on the surface rather than absorb it. This yarn, which is 100% polyester, is produced for use in textile fields such as shoes, sports tights, and raincoats. It will help you feel that you are different even while doing sports with the fluorescent effect inside.


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What do the TC/TCX and TP/TPX suffixes mean?

Difference between the TC/TCX and TP/TPX

Difference between the TC/TCX and TP/TPX

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True Color ⚠️

All photographs were taken under the same light in a green box. By photographing Pantone and products under the same light, you can compare the color with your own Pantone cards so that the customer can estimate the color of the product they see on the screen.


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